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hi everyone, Mark here from Moncton. I read a post about the subject of God and the line of thought was, and this rings true with me, that for years the only real God in my life was my addiction. not only did it control me but was the answer to everything. my act of […]

Between the words

I’ve noticed it again this morning. When i’m praying, reading, thinking or talking, my mind will often slip fantasy stories in between the words. This can be any thing from gutting the bathroom to to lusting after the neighbor or their new truck. Often wanting to expand into full blown erotica with accompanying graphic images. […]

censorship ?

I don’t think i can support censorship in the rooms. I’ve thought, said, done, and or fantasized about everything that’s ever been shared. So who gives me the right to say Yea or Nay to someone elses share? Instead of censoring the one who is sharing and killing his train of thought, which may be […]

Gord Here

Hi Gord here, first time in the members area, great to read the posts. I am working towards my fourth step. having to attend at least one meeting a week REALLY helps, the peer support is amazing! I need to be constantly VIGILANT about my addiction, there is no going back, both for my SANITY […]

Some thoughts on Grace and the Steps

When I started [ got into the program with a sponsor and some phone #s] God held the obsession to lust at bay , mostly. I didn’t know that because I didn’t know my Higher Power but He gave me a little bit of Grace to get me started anyway. As I worked each Step […]