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Today I am powerless

I’m James P. and I am a sexoholic. Today anbd everyday I am powerless over lust. Today I ask my higher power to take this away my lust thought way from me,

bits and pieces from step 8

I’ve made a list of now and from previous inventories. It will never be finished but …. I’m asking the God of my understanding to help me to forgive everyone and thing, including me. Looking at the list, the common thread through the most of it was, i just walked away and never looked back. […]

some Step 5 stuff

The other night i had a great chat with my sponsor about some things i’ve learned. By sharing All my stuff, holding back nothing, I am secret free. Now i can get on with the business of learning how to live defect free as a kind, loving human being. This program of recovery teaches me […]

Working The Program

the past couple of days I have been good, but I have been off. But today I decided I would just give it to my higher power, and when I did I started to feel relief. So I decided to share on here and this has been good as well. We hear our sponsors and […]

some Step 3 work

Hi, my name is Jack and i’m a sexaholic. I’ve found that when i turn my will and life over to the care of God as i understand him, i’m more considerate and conscientious. Taking the actions of love to better my relations with  family, friends and other people i come in contact with, store […]