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Missing A Meeting

Good Afternoon my name is James P. and I am a recovering sexaholic. Last nights meeting Dec 15, 2020 the Millvale group meeting was a good meeting. it was the decision reminded me that I too take people for granted like my partner. And after the meeting I told her that. I also told her […]

resentments or peace

I am still carrying Resentments. The natives because they don’t play by the Rules. Trump and his administration because they don’t play by the Rules. The fanatics who send terrorist attacks on innocent people. All the terrorists , they don’t play by the Rules. People who hurt each other don’t play by the Rules. What […]

I said something.

I think i said something that put her right in her head. I was talking about having gone for a walk and i turned left instead of right, the direction i had planed to go. I said there was 2 girls walking to the right so i choose to go left. I guess those 2 […]

Me-i’m fine, some

Me- i’m fine some , depressed some,bored some,isolated, lonely and afraid some. When i’m in recovery and working the SA program i’m all the above and more. The feelings are all there and by my Higher Power’s Grace, i’m not drawn into and overwhelmed by them. Then i feel joy . Thanks and stay safe,Jack.


hi everyone, Mark here from Moncton. I read a post about the subject of God and the line of thought was, and this rings true with me, that for years the only real God in my life was my addiction. not only did it control me but was the answer to everything. my act of […]